AppalCorps Service Member Opening: Membership and Outreach Coordinator with Tennessee Association of Farmers Markets

The purpose of the Outreach and Membership Coordinator position is to support the organization in meeting its goals and objectives. This is an exciting opportunity for someone with a strong interest and commitment to locally grown food and agriculture products. This position is an AmeriCorps member service position for a one-year term with the Tennessee Association of Farmers Markets, supported by the AppalCorps AmeriCorps program of the Appalachian RC&D Council. This position will run from September 2021 until September 2022.

Gardener Story: Kirstin Blackburn

Gardening always brings certain thoughts to my mind. Mostly, thoughts about my ability to survive in pioneering days. I always wonder if my vegetable patch would be enough to feed my family of six, or if we would succumb to starvation and dysentery, like in the old...