Gardener Story: Erin Egan

I had no expectations for my first garden but I am so proud and filled with gratitude at the quality and quantity that is growing. (Who knew that butternut squash was soooo adorable!) I am already planning for my summer garden next year! Now on to my next challenge, learning how to preserve all of this produce…

Gardener Story: Kellye Wood

At first, I thought it would make for a healthy hobby, but these days, I think it’s become more of an obsession. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. The cycle has snowballed and created a dirt-covered monster. Seriously, my nails are stained green. We started small, planning to slowly build each year until we have a micro-farm that will sustain us and hopefully begin providing fresh, local ingredients for our area as well.

Gardener Story: Toban Weibe

After a surprisingly successful gardening attempt last year, we’ve really expanded our ambitions this year. We have a small city lot without much space for a garden, but we’ve managed to garden on a few smaller plots. First, we converted a flower bed in...

Gardener Story: Mariah Pietrowski

My son Jaxson is 6 years old, and I can tell he is recognizing when things are ready to harvest, especially the carrots and beets which were always his favorite to pull out of the ground! He was very excited to be able to help with cutting the broccoli just this week! I love the opportunity this garden gives him in learning a valuable skill of growing food, enjoying the sunshine and dirt.

Gardener Story: Susan Rasmussen

The personal growth that arises through the cultivation of plants and the nurturing process contributes to a sense of accomplishment and self-reliance, and the opportunity to engage with this community fosters a sense of togetherness for those times in the garden when it helps to know you are not alone in the battles against the weekends and bugs.