Specialty Workshops

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Elderberry Production

Learn about profitable Elderberry Production from industry expert, Terry Durham in this all day, hands-on workshop, and take home ten elderberry starts!


Mushroom Innoculation

Learn the ins and outs of Mushroom Innoculation from Rodney Webb, and take home an innoculated log to harvest your first homegrown mushrooms.


Fruit School

Taylor Malone will teach students how to graft fruit trees at this hands-on grafting workshop. Grafting knives are included in the registration fee, and students will take home their newly grafted cuttings to start their own orchard.


Rotational Grazing #1

Washington County Cattle Farmer, John Abe Teague, will host this workshop on Mire Creek Angus Farm, to share his wisdom of rotational grazing with students.


Regenerative Cattle

Visit Wayne Huges’ Rocky Field Farms to learn about the benefits of Regenerative Cattle ranching.


Mixed Fruit Orchard

Visit the Bauernhof Kitsteiner to experience a mixed fruit orchard and learn from owner, Jon Kitsteiner about how he runs his unique operation.


Persimmons & Pawpaws

Learn from Bennie Lafleur about persimmon and pawpaw production.



Dennis Curtis of Curtis Muscadines will share his knowledge of muscadine production in East Tennessee with students.


High Tunnels

Tour the high tunnel at Hope Farms & Studio in Greene County, and hear from Steve Mallory about his experience building and using this valuable season extension method.


Reading the Land

Understanding your pasture and adapting your animal management. USA Regenerative Agriculture Alliance: 203 Old Wilson Hill Rd. Greeneville, TN 37745.


Caterpillar Tunnels

Visit Oppossum Bottom Farm & Market Garden and learn from Chris Theis about installing and using caterpillar tunnels.

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Rotational Grazing #2

Visit Oppossum Bottom Farm & Market Garden and learn from Chris Theis about installing and using caterpillar tunnels.

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