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Build It Up provides organic gardening education from seed to harvest. Learn how to grow, prepare, and preserve food from your own backyard!


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Our Programs

Since 2012, Build It Up has offered gardening education and installed over 200 new gardens in East Tennessee. We offer support to backyard gardeners, market gardeners, and school and community gardens.

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Backyard Gardeners Program

We guide 30-40 families through a year of organic gardening education and support. Families receive plants, seeds, tools, fertilizer, and more to help grow healthy, fresh food right in their own backyards.

Market Gardeners Program

We foster entrepreneurship through agriculture and support market gardeners up to a half-acre in size. 


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We post our workshops, informational videos and more to our YouTube channel. Check it out to learn more about some of the ways we choose to garden, equipment we prefer, and tips and tricks along the way!

Over 200 Families Served

Wish your kids knew where their food comes from? Gardening provides so many opportunities for kids (and adults!) to learn about food, nature, and the joy of dirt under your fingernails. Learn more about our Backyard Gardening Program:

Grow Organically

We teach how to grow organically and in harmony with our ecosystem. Our workshops focus on gardening in ways that prevent and disease issues naturally without relying on chemical fertilizers or sprays.

Pounds of Food Grown




"I truly believe that growing your own food is an activity that makes us more human. Working the land and facilitating the growth process connects us with nature in a way that is deep, elemental, and soulful."


– Matthew M., 2nd Year Gardener

"Last year I grew my first-ever lush year-round garden, and whilst I did experience a few frustrating moments, overall it was one of the biggest and best accomplishments of my life."


– Louise B., 2nd Year Gardener

"The knowledge that I have gained from Build It Up... has allowed us more success in the last two years than I had imagined possible."


– Emily P., 2nd Year Gardener

"In consideration of all the times in my life that something has been too good to be true: Build It Up somehow exceeded all of my expectations."


– Jenna U., 1st Year Gardener

Latest from the blog:

We feature stories from our Build It Up participants as well as guides for when to be doing what in your garden like succession planting recommendations, seed starting, and more.

Gardener Story: Mariah Pietrowski

Gardener Story: Mariah Pietrowski

My son Jaxson is 6 years old, and I can tell he is recognizing when things are ready to harvest, especially the carrots and beets which were always his favorite to pull out of the ground! He was very excited to be able to help with cutting the broccoli just this week! I love the opportunity this garden gives him in learning a valuable skill of growing food, enjoying the sunshine and dirt.

Gardener Story: Susan Rasmussen

Gardener Story: Susan Rasmussen

The personal growth that arises through the cultivation of plants and the nurturing process contributes to a sense of accomplishment and self-reliance, and the opportunity to engage with this community fosters a sense of togetherness for those times in the garden when it helps to know you are not alone in the battles against the weekends and bugs.

Gardener Story: Lovelace Family

Gardener Story: Lovelace Family

Our family favorite crop to grow is popcorn. It looked cool hanging to dry during the fall, and the kids have fun taking the kernels off the cob and popping them. It is now a regular treat on our movie nights.

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