Market Gardeners


Build It Up encourages participating families to grow large gardens and sell extra fresh produce in our community.  This helps make the expenses of gardening more affordable and encourages entrepreneurship among our gardeners of all ages.


Program Info

Note: This program is on hiatus during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We encourage cross-over with the Field School, a beginning farmer training program run by the Appalachian RC&D.  Backyard Gardeners can take classes on business planning, finances, and marketing and Field School students can learn more about intensive organic production methods.  We regularly have 3-5 students a year participating in both programs who are selling produce at farmers markets and to local restaurants.

Learn more about Field School here.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Build It Up supports a market garden at the Science Hill High School Topper Academy.  Students grow and sell produce to two local restaurants and the River Creek CSA program.  Backyard Gardeners are welcome to bring their extra produce to be sold along with that grown by the students.  

To date, our Market Gardeners have sold close to $30,000 worth of produce!