My love of gardening, nature, and Earth stewardship began as soon as I was old enough to sit up in the grass and investigate the diverse plants at my fingertips. I was born disabled and have never had access to nature in a way that fulfills my need to listen to the spirit of nature and her song that calls me.  

Growing my own food is something that I feel has been denied to me. Either from the lack of homeownership or lack of means and physical ability. I am very excited to embark on this journey to reclaim my love of gardening. Without the Build it Up program and the lovely team at ARC&D, I have been at a loss on where to begin and why my attempts have been failing. I have gotten help from the ground up in ways that I have craved from my community and am looking forward to giving back in ways that I am able.  

I find it deeply healing to think of the life that will sprout forth from the Earth that I am tending.