As second year members of the Build It Up program, we have continued to grow our garden and our knowledge. The first year, we had to overcome starting out a garden, learning how to grow food and when to cultivate it. We weren’t always successful, but we learned a lot along the way. This year, our focus has been on expanding the garden and our skills.

We tried new crops, retried foods that did not grow last year, expanded the garden, and reaped more food than the previous year. It was amazing to have a supply of garlic after growing a patch over the winter. The cucumbers that didn’t grow last year came up in abundance this year. We also managed to keep squash and zucchini producing for a much longer period this year. We had multiple harvests items like peas, beans, leeks, and root vegetables. Experience has helped us to be better gardeners.

Along the way, we have learned what our new challenges are: time management – making time for the garden as part of our schedule, preserving our harvest – learning more about canning and freezing, and also expanding the variety in our garden.