We look around at this beautiful home and land we have stewarded and are in awe of this path we have chosen. Last summer we embarked on our journey with Build It Up and learned so much during our first year of becoming more self-sufficient. We even managed to grow over 700 pounds of food last season! This year we joined again, though we felt like more seasoned growers, not sure that we actually needed anymore guidance. But boy were we wrong. Our challenges this summer were completely different from last summer and through trial and error (and performing surgery on our pumpkin and zucchini plants – something we never imagined we would have to do) – we learned even more and deepened our knowledge on how to successfully become more self-sufficient.

Grateful is an understatement. We often sit down for dinner and look down at our plate that only contains things that we grew or raised. To know where your food comes from and how it was handled and cared for is a huge privilege, one that we most certainly do not take for granted. Thank you, Build It Up for guiding us, teaching us and walking with us along this beautiful path.