We moved to the Telford area in Sept. 2019 from SE NC. We tried growing tomatoes and squash the first couple of years here with moderate success. I established raspberries in 2020 and they do well and flourish with little help.

I felt at a loss as to what would grow well here and knew I needed some expert advice to be successful. I learned of the BIU Program through the Boone Street Market’s FB page and applied to participate. As a retired Nutritionist, my goal was to provide organic foods for me and my husband, as well as to share with family and friends.

I was excited to be included in this year’s group and found the expert advice I needed. Everyone that is connected to the BIU Program has been so nice. Receiving the tools, plants, seeds and other items has been a huge help.

Our garden is going well so far and has already exceeded our expectations. I know this is due to the education we have gotten from the BIU Program. I look forward every morning to checking on and tending to our growing garden.
Thank you BIU!