Jessie Rogers

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Kingsport, Tennessee

After college, I started realizing that I had a passion for serving others. I wanted to step into the social work field, but really had no idea how to approach such a thing, especially with a background in English and creative writing instead of social work. However, when the AmeriCorps position came available, I knew it would be an excellent way to serve the community around me while also gaining valuable experience. I never expected to learn so much about the community around me, and while I knew I had a heart to serve others, I am astounded daily by the need of these people. The experience has pushed me even more to want to help in any way I can, and I am so grateful for the eye-opening work I’m doing.

In a lot of ways, I still feel as if I, as an individual, am helpless to serve these needs, but I’m in the right places to work with others, and as a group, we can achieve so much more when we work together to meet the needs of our community. The work that I’m doing with AmeriCorps is sometimes heartbreaking as I witness the situations and hear the stories of the people in this community, but if anyone is interested in becoming an AmeriCorps member, and is passionate about serving others in whatever capacity they can, I would encourage them to do so. Being an AmeriCorps member is rewarding beyond anything I could’ve imagined when I applied, and I fervently hope that my passion for community can go beyond a single year into a career serving those around me.