Katie Ritchie

Mooresburg Community Association

Mooresburg, Tennessee

My name is Katie Ritchie, and I am a service member representing the Mooresburg Community Association. I chose to be an AmeriCorps member because of my own love of and desire to serve my community. Prior to joining AmeriCorps I was a part time employee for the MCA already, but I was limited to what I could do. However, AmeriCorps helped launch me into the community more than I could ever imagine it would.

Thus far, as an AmeriCorps member, I have gained more community-oriented skills such as: community outreach, food pantry planning, scheduling, social services, human resources and an overall stronger ability to service my community.

An impact I hope to leave on my community is not my name, but a heart of service throughout the entire community. I do not wish to be remembered for what I am doing, nor do I wish to get recognition. However, I do wish to leave a heart of service within my community; I wish only to lead by example. As such a young person it can be hard to lead by example, but I stay lighthearted because I am doing what I love. If you are interested in becoming an AmeriCorps member, you absolutely should! AmeriCorps has allowed me to turn something I enjoy from time-to-time into something I get to do full-time. Thank you AmeriCorps members, executives and representatives! Happy National AmeriCorps Week!