TN Farm Link

“Helping farm seekers and farmland property owners find each other”

Agriculture is an integral part of our economy, environment, and community in Tennessee but beginning farmers say one of the biggest hurdles is access to land.  TN Farm Link is a not-for-profit initiative from the Appalachian RC&D Council and the TN Department of Agriculture, but will benefit and depend on all agricultural-support parties across the state.

This website will soon be a database and directory for landowners who would like to see their farm and forest land kept in agriculture, as well as for farmers looking for land to lease, purchase, or under other arrangements. (Visit to see North Carolina’s initiative.)

Calling all colleagues who support farmers! Direct your clients, friends, and colleagues to start entering their land opportunities or their land needs now!  In anticipation of the full site launch, participants can get a head start by filling out their profile and land listing information now on


What will TN Farm Link Provide?

TN Farm Link will be a database of both available farmland and farmers looking for land.

This website will allow both landowners and land seekers to create a profile/listing.   Filling out a profile or creating a land listing is as simple as filling out a questionnaire.  Farm Seekers are asked to give past farm experience, goals, and land needs.  Landowners are asked about land use in the present and past, amount of acreage, what kind of structures are in place, and what their goals for the land might be.  For those that do not use the internet, the questionnaire can be filled out over the phone by an ARC&D representative or by mail.

In East Tennessee, our staff will work one-on-one with landowners and farmers to find an appropriate and lasting match.

Writing a farm business plan is key to future success. In the upper East Tennessee geographic area, farmers/Land Seekers who provide a business plan and resume will be given priority to help insure a successful match. Beginning farmers will be urged to educate themselves: through traditional ag programs like Walters State; through apprenticing at another farm; through taking a beginning farmer training program like TSU’s New Farmer Academy or the Appalachian RC&D Field School.

Through the TN Farm Link platform, the ARC&D staff will assist landowners and farmers in locating the necessary resources to negotiate a land tenure arrangement.

Both parties will be guided through resources available to help them determine the best tenure arrangement.  Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and do not give legal advice.

TN Farm Link will help support a resilient agricultural region giving farmers affordable options for accessing farm and forest land to create sustainable farm operations.

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