We are so excited for the garden this year. We loved starting our garden last year and we’re excited to try new things with it. We have already expanded it by two rows so we can add some fruits and some flowers.

Another big change we made that will make a big difference is putting garden cloth down. Last year, we had a ton of weeds. We put cardboard down in the walkways and it did help, but we were still out there pulling weeds all the time. We’re really hoping the garden cloth will make a big difference in helping to prevent them. We’re still learning how to use it, so we’ve got to figure out stuff like reworking our irrigation system and burning the holes in the cloth for the plants to grow, but we’re really excited about it.

Another major thing we learned from last year is spacing. We had so much stuff growing on top of each other last year and this year, we are going to be much more deliberate in placement. We know now that tomatoes get crazy very quickly, so we are going to be diligent in trellising them and we are going to keep them more spread out from other things.

We love this group and had such a great time last year learning all about gardening. We love being able to cook with food that we’ve grown ourselves and being able to share it with others. This year, we have a baby girl to help us out in the garden (or crawl around while we work in the garden), so we’re looking forward to having her along for the process! It will also be great to be able to purée some of the fruit and veggies we’re growing this year to have her try them. We’re excited to see what this year brings!