Farms Attending the 2018 Bristol, VA CSA Fair

We live in such a local food rich area!  The CSA Fair is a wonderful way to explore all of the options our farms have to offer.  This year, the Bristol, VA Fair will include 5 farms and producers.  This list gives just a brief description of what they have to offer and each farm runs their CSA differently.  For more information about an individual farm and their offerings take a look at their website or Facebook page and  join us at the Fair!

We are still recruiting farms to join us in Bristol this year.  Keep an eye on our blog for more updated information.

Come Out & Meet Your Farmer!

Laurel Brooks Farm —

Offerings include: Produce, baked goods, jams, and relishes

Willow Bend Farm/ Farms to Families

Offerings include:  Produce, eggs, and honey **Accepts SNAP/EBT

TNT Farm N Greenhouse

Offerings include:  Certified Organic Transplants and Vegetables

River Creek Farm —

Offerings include:  Produce, eggs, bread, and pasta

David Lay Farms —

Offerings include:  Year-round produce shares