Lady Barn FinalThe Quilt Trail comes to you!

Wednesday, July 20th, at 11:30am, you are invited to sit back and be taken to a different time and place through story. Quilt stories.

Tickets: $40 – purchase online here, as seating is limited to 60 people. Includes a seasonal summer lunch catered by Patricia Lynch/Farmhouse Gallery and Gardens.

Farmhouse Gallery & Gardens, Unicoi

The tradition of quilting has been carried on for hundreds of years to provide warmth and artistic keepsakes. Until recently, these handcrafted pieces of history have only been valued by individuals within the families but an outgrowth of interest in cultural heritage has created an atmosphere of appreciation for the works of Art fashioned by our ancestors. Along with the physical work these handicrafters placed into their quilts and barns, they also contributed a story about themselves; who they were, what kind of life they had and what their personal interests were.  These are the stories we are proud to tell and create a visual storybook into the lives of the strong people of Appalachia.

You’ll hear these stories directly from the barn owners and/or quilt makers and/or quilt-makers descendants – folks who love sharing the memories of their family and special histories passed down through generations.

The stories will be recorded for preservation during the event.

What is a quilt turning, you ask? This is a form of informal performance in a comfortable setting, where quilters stack their quilts (and their family quilts) on a large bed and then peel back the layers, as they peel back the layers of time. Everyone gathers around to enjoy the ‘turning’: hearing the stories behind the quilts, the quilt-makers, and the intricate handiwork stitched into them.