jill parsons with quilt at kingsport habitat for humanity gardenYou Are Invited to a special Quilt Trail Storytelling 


An event not to be missed if you are a Sullivan County & Kingsport history buff, or a quilter, or someone who just loves a good story.


April 28th ~ 12:00-1:30pm
First Broad St. Methodist Church, Church Circle, Kingsport


A lunch and storytelling to benefit the Quilt Trail, featuring the stories of the quilts behind the quilt barns, as told by the barn quilt owners themselves. Stories of craft, history, faith, and Sullivan County’s history.


Our featured storytellers will stack their quilts up in one tall pile and do a “Quilt Turning” where they peel back the heirloom works of art one by one and tell their stories, like peeling back the layers of time.


Quilt Turning

Mary Faulkner and Carolyn Bailey do the Quilt Turning in 2015 at Farmhouse Gallery and Gardens; this quilt will be out at April 28th event.

These events are fun, educational, colorful, sometimes emotional.  Our past Quilt Turnings to benefit the Quilt Trail (see attached photo below) have been very well received, thanks to the quilt barn owners themselves who come prepared to tell fascinating stories.


Thanks also to sponsor Heavenly Stitches Quilt Shoppe, Colonial Heights, where tickets ($25) are on sale now, a fundraiser for the Quilt Trail, which is a nonprofit project of the Appalachian RC&D Council. Or call 423-979-2581 to reserve.


April 28th includes a luncheon hosted by the quilt barn owners and the Appalachian RC&D Council.