Farming/ Gardening Food Forest Internship

$8/hr- 20 hrs/ week
For young adults 18-24 years old
Supporting youth development and job skills training in local food & agriculture, & food justice
Build It Up East TN

Build It Up East TN (BIU) is now looking for young people to join us in our gardening, farming, food security, community organizing and education work around local food in East Tennessee. In a time of global food crisis, we see a need more than ever- for informed, skilled, caring community food growers. Therefore, we are seeking interns to assist in the planting, harvesting, planning, organizing, and maintenance of the Johnson City Food Forests, along with other work to support Build It Up’s programming for families and youth in the area who want to learn how to grow their own food.

These positions are grant-funded and thus have specific requirements: Must be 18-24 years old Cannot currently be enrolled in college. Must have low-income status OR meet one of several other criteria– Please email Shae Keane, BIU Community Food Coordinator for more details.

Students do not need previous experience in farming, gardening, or agriculture to participate.

Do you or anyone you know have suggestions of individual students who might be a good fit for this program?  Contact Shae Keane, BIU Internship Coordinator, to apply or for more information. Email: