Livable Communities, a local group that has been meeting and working towards goals to make Johnson City and the surrounding region more livable and lovable by promoting projects such as hiking and biking trails, green spaces, safety, farmer’s markets, safety issues and more, has decided to further analyze and investigate the possibility of member-owned food cooperative. Our vision is to have a store-front operation that would sell wholesome bulk foods and spices, locally produced value added products, meats, cheeses and produce. The vision would include inviting local farmers that currently sell their goods at the Johnson City Farmer’s Market during the warmer months to sell ‘cool season’ crops at the coop during the fall and winter months.

To this end, our group conducted a survey (which can be taken at this link if you haven’t already done so) :

A core group of group members has recently begun meeting under the direction of Jodi Jones and will determine the feasibility of the coop idea before moving forward with any action. If you’d like to become a part of this group, or if you have anything to simply add to their research and discussion process, feel free to contact Sam Jones, Livable Communities chairperson, at: or at: 423-773-3204.

By Sam Jones

liveablecommunitiesThe Livable Communities Group at the 2014 Blue Plum Festival