The Renaissance Center is host to a new exhibit, open and free to the public, on the traditions Tennessee.  Featured is the photography Robert Cogswell, Nashville artist and Director of the TN Folklife Program.  Cogswell has captured the “folklife” — the everyday bits of cultural expression that make life unique and special — from all across the state, from the delta of the Mississippi to the Appalachian mountains.



One of our favorite photos at the show, quilting hands.

And it goes well with our Quilt Squares which are making an appearance at the show!





Renaissance Center staff are on the ball and online.  Here is a YouTube video about the show–but you really should go in person!:

Seventeen quilt 4’x4′ murals are also on display on the second floor of the Renaissance Center. These are the ones that have been

painted in Kingsport by volunteer artists, inspired by historic quilts from the Sullivan County community. Read my previous blog post  about this project here.  These 17 squares will be mounted through out downtown Kingsport in 2013 to create a new public art walking trail.  Kingsport is busting with artart on the streets, art on the sidewalk, art in buildings, art at Lynn View Senior Center and the Renaissance Center–FREE to enjoy and view thanks to the many creative hands and minds in our community, and the Kingsport Cultural Arts Office. We are excited to add one more way of celebrating the creative culture of the Appalachians with the downtown Kingsport Quilt Trail.

At the show’s opening reception on December 13th, everyone was invited to kick off the downtown quilts project.  Many folks who submitted quilt designs brought their quilts and family photos–and family members–to share.  We had a great turn out and everyone deserves a huge thanks for making this a festive event.  A HUGE thanks to the Office of Cultural Arts for the refreshments and for the music–what a great partner we have!

The Carousel project also has some of its incredible components on display – rounding boards and carousel horses.  The Carousel project is a multi-year effort that is worth keeping track of: their blog


So stop by the Kingsport Renaissance Center (1200 E. Center St.) second floor this holiday season!

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