Farmacy Fit: Farmers Market Walking Program

Farmacy Fit is free program for all community members to walk a 1 mile loop at local farmers markets in exchange for $3 for fresh Fruits and Vegetables.  Participants will sign in at the market each Saturday morning, walk a designated 1 mile loop, and then get three $1 tokens that can be redeemed at any market vendor for fresh fruits and vegetables.  The program is intended to encourage participants to:

  • Get more physical activity
  • Eat more healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Build a fun community around our local farmers markets

How Can You Participate?

Participating in Farmacy Fit is free, easy and fun for the whole family!  Anyone over the age of five is welcome to walk the 1 mile loop at either the Johnson City or Jonesborough Saturday Farmers Market.  Farmacy Fit will run every Saturday morning that there is a Farmers Market from May 4th through June 29th. (If there is no Farmers Market that morning due to a festival or other occasion, there will be no Farmacy Fit.)  Here’s the process:

1. Check in at the Market Information Booth (located toward the center of each market) each Saturday morning between 8AM – 10AM. We are limited to 160 walkers total each week, so arrive early to ensure you get a spot!
2. Walk the designated 1 Mile loop at Founders Park in Johnson City or the Lost State Scenic Walkway in Jonesborough, both of which are adjacent to their respective markets.  Collect your markers from the volunteer at the halfway point!
3. Head back to the Market Information Booth and redeem your marker for 3 $1 Farmacy Fit Tokens.
4. Spend your tokens on fresh Fruits and Vegetables at any market vendor!

Frequent Walker Program

There won’t be a Frequent Walker Program in 2019, so this is a description of the 2018 program:

To reward folks for walking each week, Farmacy Fit has a Frequent Walker Program!  Sign up for your card the first week that you walk and then bring your card back each week for a stamp!  If you collect 5 stamps on your card, you’ll get a free Farmacy Fit T-Shirt,  If you collect 10 stamps, you’ll be entered into our grand prize drawing!

Participating Market Locations

Johnson City Farmers Market
100 E Market St
Johnson City, TN
Saturdays only
Farmacy Fit Hours: 8AM – 10AM
Full market runs 7AM – 2PM

Jonesborough Farmers Market
105 Courthouse Square
Jonesborough, TN
Saturdays only
Farmacy Fit Hours: 8AM – 10AM
Full market runs 8AM – Noon

Tips for Participants

Walking is a low-impact, safe form of exercise for most people, but if you have any concerns about adding new exercise into your life, please consult your doctor.  Farmacy Fit will run every Saturday that there is a farmers market during the Summer and Fall, so long as there is not an active thunder storm!  Here are some tips for staying comfortable while walking:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, a hat and sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated by bringing a reusable water bottle with you
  • Prepare for rainy weather by bringing an umbrella

Resources for Better Health

We hope that participating in Farmacy Fit inspires individuals and families to get more exercise and make healthier eating choices!  If you would like to learn more about health and nutrition, please check out these helpful links:


T-Shirt and Prize Sponsors

A huge thank you to the following organizations: