Thanks to the Build It Up program, I’ve had the privilege of growing a fantastic garden this year and gaining knowledge about organic gardening and self-sustained food production. Providing my family with homegrown food over this growing season has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The classes I have participated in have equipped me with valuable insights into managing garden pests, addressing diseases and practicing patience while eagerly awaiting the ripening of tomatoes.

Not only do I take pride in my garden, but my children also gained a sense of accomplishment as they learned important lessons about planting, watering, and harvesting their own food. They especially had fun digging up their favorite vegetables like potatoes and carrots, and even became more accepting of their previous nemesis, the green bean.

In addition to being able to eat an abundance of fresh produce from my garden, I was able to preserve approximately 50 cans of diced tomatoes and salsa, which I am looking forward to enjoying over the winter months. I am profoundly thankful for this program and the wealth of knowledge it has provided.