Why did this happen? We were not able to grow anything in Florida, where we lived for 19 years. Nor would we have known what to grow or had much room to grow it. As soon as we moved here, we began thinking of what to do with our land instead of having a big yard to mow. We took a few Field School sessions and later joined the Build it up Program which allowed us to see what we could grow in a garden. Wow, and thank you!

I wish we could say that we carefully planned it all out and diligently worked through our plan. It more just happened in scrambles and throes of work between other jobs and around different priorities. The amazing thing is that things do grow, a lot. From not knowing what a broccoli plant looks like through many questions like, when is it ready to harvest and then how much broccoli did we plant anyway, and when does it stop producing? We have been surprised by how much we ended up harvesting. It has been amazing to learn from nothing and then to eat something that grew where nothing used to be. We look forward to getting better at this in the years to come.