Rosie McVeigh

Appalachian RC&D

Johnson City, Tennessee

In January 2021 I entered my second year as an AmeriCorps and am enjoying it thoroughly. I started with ARCD in January 2020 and decided to continue because I genuinely love the service I am doing and the new things that I learn every day. As someone fresh out of college, I pursued AmeriCorps to get relevant experience in a job field I was interested in. It has bloomed into so much more. Every day I meet with people who have worlds of knowledge that I can learn from.

I have learned how to edit videos and create social media content, how to manage volunteers and material distributions, and how to conduct webinars and meetings through many of our programs. But most importantly I have learned how much each one of our programs has created and continues to create a deep, positive impact in the counties of East Tennessee.

I hope that I can continue that legacy with the same amount of work and dedication that so many of my coworkers bring to the office every day. My goal is to leave the programs and people I work with better than when I started. So, I would say to anyone considering becoming an AmeriCorps member, do it. AmeriCorps will give you a way to become experienced in your field of interest while also improving the lives of those in the community around you.