Women Farmer Peer Learning Circle

Our December meeting at the Kubota dealership and repair shop.

The Women Farmer Practical Tools and Skills Peer Leaning Circle is a group focused on helping women farmers in East Tennessee to network and learn together.  We have monthly meetings with a speaker or tour of an operation or business on topics that the group picks out together.

Goals of the Peer Learning Circle:

  • Create a group of women farmers who come together once a month to learn new skills and practical tools that they can use on their farms.
  • Get to know the women farmers in our area to create a network for information and support for each other.

Topics for 2019:

  • Farm production, conservation practices, marketing and sales, budgeting, production tools and equipment; family finances, self-care, plant and animal health and market, cooking what you grow
  • In the warm months we plan to visit women farmers who volunteer to host us in our area to see and share what we do and what are our successes and challenges in farming in east TN.

Members are not required to attend each meeting and are welcome to pick and choose which topics interest them the most.  This is also not a closed group, and any woman farmer is welcome to join.  If you know someone who has not yet been invited, please send them a link to this page to get signed up!

We communicate with members primarily by email, so please fill out this short form to get signed up!