If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where the people truly cared about each other and each others’ well being, find a local farmers market.

— Casey Campbell, Lindley Farms Creamery (Snow Camp, NC)


Y’all, it’s National Farmers Market Week.  Farmers markets across the nation are celebrating the height of the growing season with special events.  It is the perfect time to get out and visit one of our many markets in Northeast TN.

In our 6 county region there are 13 Farmers Markets operating at various times throughout the week.  It is possible to visit up to 10  markets in a one week time span between Monday and Saturday. At all our markets you will find a community of farmers and consumers working together to strengthen the agricultural economy while supporting healthier food choices.  Many markets will be hosting special activities this week like produce tastings, guest chef demonstrations, and children’s activities. Many of our markets also accept EBT/SNAP (food stamps) and are now offering a double dollars program. One dollar from your EBT card equals $2 in farmers market tokens.

“Farmers markets play a vital role not just in generating real income for farmers, but in forming a healthy, prosperous food systems,” says Jen Cheek, Executive Director of the Farmers Market Coalition. “By providing the opportunity for farmers to connect directly with consumers, markets serve as education centers. Vendors are teaching customers about agriculture and sharing recipes and new foods with their neighbors. Markets are making people and communities stronger and healthier.“  We couldn’t agree more and urge you to become a part of the growing community of local food supporters by visiting your farmers market this week.

You will find a list of markets in our region with links to their websites HERE.   

Happy Eating!