By now, you’ve probably heard the term “CSA” or “CSA shares” mentioned by someone you know. What is a “CSA”, and why should you sign up for one? So glad you asked! “CSA” stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and consists of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that the farm is, in a sense, the community’s farm. Purchasing a CSA share gives you a subscription to the farm. Why should you sign up for one? Here are 5 great reasons:

  1. You can’t get any fresher than locally grown food. Joining a CSA allows you more healthy options to feed your family. Knowing the farmer who grew the basket of food you’re about to take home means having the ability to learn about their processes and in turn, gives you more control over what is going on your table.
  2. You love the idea of farming, but can’t  farm yourself. We get it, not everyone has a green thumb, land, and time required to farm, even on a small scale, successfully. While farming itself isn’t for everyone, our local bounty can be!  
  3. You’ll be stimulating your local economy – by paying up front for your shares, you’re providing  farmers with money to cover  operational costs of growing your delicious food. They in turn are investing back into the community for supply needs, and the circle of local love continues.  Doesn’t that sound better than cruising past aisles of tires, clothing, and electronics, under the glare of fluorescent lights for some sub-par wilted lettuce?
  4. It’s not just veggies – which are awesome enough on their own – you can sign up for milk and cheese products, eggs, meats, and even honey. With so many great locally sourced options, your trips to the grocery store can be significantly reduced!
  5. It’s an opportunity to expand your meal options. There will be certain fruits and veggies you’ve never purchased in a store, and many of the CSA shares will also come with recipe ideas. You’ll not only have amazing new foods to try, you may find some ways to try them that you never would have thought of on your own!

Now that you’ve seen some reasons why CSAs are amazing, what’s the next step? Signing up, of course! Take advantage of the upcoming Tri-Cities CSA Fair series.  These events are the perfect way to meet your farmer and are free and family friendly with door prizes and kids activities.  

CSA Fair Schedule:

  • Johnson City:  Saturday, March 3rd from 1-4

           Location – Kings Centre Lobby, 300 E. Main St., Johnson City TN

(beside Main St. Pizza Company)

*Find the list of farms attending HERE*

  • Kingsport:  Saturday, March 10th from 12-3
    Location – Kingsport Farmers Market Pavilion, Kingsport TN

(308 Clinchfield St.)

*Find the list of farms attending HERE*