JEM Farm Grower Needed. Contact Elizabeth or John Malayter at

JEM Farm needs a Grower for the 2016 growing system. This is a full time 6 day a week position either “live in” or commuter applicants are accepted.

Below is a detailed list of expectations, time requirements and responsibilities. After an initial familiarity training period, this is an independent position and everything Grown on the farm will be the Growers responsibility.

  • The Grower is responsible for all products “grown” at the farm which consists of 1 unheated hoop house, 2-3 various outside growing areas and a small amount of berries and fruit trees.
  • The product grown will be decided by JEM Farm and Grower
  • The Grower will incorporate all growing practices currently followed by JEM Farm I.E. No Non Organic pesticides, No Non Organic fertilizers and No petroleum products.
  • The Grower will prepare soil and growing areas to accept seeds and plant starts , maintain automatic watering systems (which includes mechanical repair, the ability to use hand tools and troubleshooting skills)
  • The Grower will maintain and use Organic soil amendments such as multiple compost bins and any compost purchased.
  • As many plants as possible will be started on the farm, the Grower is responsible with proper growing practices in order to propagate these plants for productive growth.
  • All weeding, plant maintenance and harvesting of the growing areas is the responsibility of the Grower.
  • After harvesting of the product, all products will be “field washed” and packed and stored. Depending on amount of product, this responsibility may be shared between the Grower and JEM Farm.
  • The Grower may also be responsible for deliveries to customers, restaurants as well as participating in Farmers Markets JEM Farm attends. A valid Driver’s License is required is require for this position.

The candidate for this position must be well rounded with mechanical, horticultural, customer service, agricultural and driving skills. Heavy lifting is sometimes required; candidate will be wet and dirty most of the time. Bugs, insects and small animal pests will be the responsibility of the Grower with extermination methods approved by JEM Farm. Appropriate clothing and footwear is required.

Workdays start early and end late, 6 days/week. Sunday is typically a “down day” on the farm however sometimes maintenance needs attention which will be the responsibility of the Grower and JEM Farm.

Compensation: Pay will be weekly and will be negotiated depending on housing requirements. This is a salary position, no overtime or other compensation is included.