How do I get my barn on the Quilt Trail?

Thank you for your interest in quilts! Follow the Quilt Trail, inspired by Ohio's quilt barns, was the first to bring the Quilt Trial model to Tennessee. Our organization was founded to serve Carter, Greene, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi and Washington counties. There are many counties that have quilt squares, but we serve these 6 upper East Tennessee counties.

If you are outside of our service area, contacting the Clinch Powell RC&D Council is your best bet. They coordinate a regional promotional website Vacation on the Appalachian Quilt Trail as a guide to Quilt Squares in all of the participating Tennessee Appalachian mountain counties, including Hawkins, Hancock, Cock, Claiborne, and Knox. You can find their contact information at

If you are in one of our 6 counties:

Give us a call and we'll send you an application. We particularly want to grow the trail to sites with farm products for sale, or sites near farm businesses.

When determining whether a site is appropriate to add to the Quilt Trail we use the following criteria:

Visibility: Can the site be seen from the road? Is there a safe place to park and view the square?

Appropriateness: Is it is a rural setting that sells an agricultural or local product, or has ties to cultural or historical sites?

Proximity: Is it near other Quilt Squares or can it join one site to another?

Attractiveness: Are the barn and surroundings appropriately maintained?

Compatibility: Are the activities on the site in harmony with the goals and theme of the Quilt Trail?

Farm businesses report seeing increased traffic because of their participation in the Quilt Trail. Annually the Appalachian RC&D organizes events to bring more folks out onto the trail. We keep in touch with you to promote in our blog and newsletter events, festivals, or other special happenings.

The cost of a quilt square can vary from $450-$1,000 depending on size. The cost is less if you paint the square yourself. We ask that you keep the quilt area free of excessive vegetation, debris and waste, such as trash, old cars, etc. The barn/building which hosts the Quilt Square should stay in good repair and not post political or advertising statements, posters or signs unless they advertise the farm business or the Quilt Trail.

If you want to be the next site on the Quilt Trail, contact us and we'll arrange a site visit and application.