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Field School Student Blog: Week 1 – Visioning Your Farm

When we moved to our current location two years ago, we did a lot of work on visioning the future of our new farm business. We sat down with our landlady, Lisa Williams, and an employee of Appalachian Sustainable Development, Tamara McNaughton, to work on crafting a...

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Field School Session 1: Visioning Your Farm

After months of preparation, we finally got to meet our newest batch of Field School students on Thursday, November 8th at our first session, Visioning Your Farm! Our main speaker for the night was Tamara McNaughton, of TNT Farm N Greenhouse, who shared about her...

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Farmer Focus: Erek Napora, Cave Ridge Farm

Erek Napora of Cave Ridge Farm agreed to be the subject of this month’s Farmer Focus. Erek and his wife have been farming together part time for six years. Erek’s background is in biology and environmental studies...

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Youth Group with a Fire Prevention Mission

After the devastating wildfires of 2016, Gatlinburg and Sevier County Tennessee are receiving unexpected help from the East Tennessee Homeschoolers (ETH) group. The ETH recently obtained induction into the National Beta Club, a non-profit educational organization that...

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Field School Student Blog: Meet Becca and Joe

Hi! We’re Becca and Joe, a farming couple living in Duffield, VA, growing open-pollinated, Certified Naturally Grown produce. Tending the land has always been our number one priority as people, so it only makes sense that it should be the main focus of our life. We’ve...

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