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Gardener Story: MeMe Ansbro

Thyme to Turnip the Beet! My name is MeMe and I’m 34. I am from Northern California but I’ve lived in East Tennessee for 13 years on one and a half acres of farmland on the Greene County line. I am a stay at home mom and caregiver to a niece and nephew. I’m pretty...

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Gardener Story: Kelly Foster

This was not our first year “doing a garden” but it was really our first time trying to systematically learn how to garden properly. I think, for our family, a lot of this was brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and fueled by a lot of time in our home space and a...

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AppalCorps Service Member Opening: Rocky Mount

Habitat Restoration AssistantPOSITION FILLED AmeriCorps Service Member Position BACKGROUND The mission of Rocky Mount State Historic Site is to enrich the lives of the public through educational programs focused upon customs, values, and practices of the early...

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AppalCorps Service Member Opening: Bucky’s Food Pantry

Bucky's Food Pantry CoordinatorPOSITION FILLED AmeriCorps Service Member Position BACKGROUND East Tennessee State University (ETSU), located in Johnson City, TN provides a student-centered community of learning, reflecting high standards and promoting a balance of...

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Hazard Mitigation and Community Education Grants

Hazard Mitigation and Community Education Grants are provided by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry to communities, groups, and organizations to make their homes safer from wildlife. Examples of program recipients are cities, towns, and communities with a risk or potential for loss from wildland fires.

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