Fall in Virginia is for Farm Lovers!

October 5, 2019 

Moyer Family Farm

The Farmer's Daughter/Ferrell Farm

Clinch River Farms

Abingdon Winery & Vineyard

Dreamland Alpacas

Kelly Ridge Farms

Wolf Farm Natural Elements. LLC

Mountain Rose Vineyard and Lawson Family Farm

Mullins Orchard & Produce

Goshen Homestead Creamery

Pollinator Produce Partners

Appalachian Harvest Food Hub

Join us as we Celebrate, Support, and Show our Love for Southwest Virginia’s farmers during the 2nd Annual Farm Fresh VA Farm Tour. 


Your Farm Tour planning starts here! 

Fall in the mountains of Southwest Virginia is unbeatable! This year we have 12 diverse farms and farm supported operations in 5 counties opening their doors to the public for one full day. Each stop is unique, offering different events and tours throughout the day. 


How to become a Farm Tourist:

  • Map out your day and pick your starting point. Plan on each stop taking 45 minutes to an hour, then add drive time. **Please note, most locations are open from 2-6:00 pm, but not all. Opening times for each stop are listed below. 
  • Choose your starting point carefully. This will be where you pick up you Car Pass and Farm Tour Passport. 
  • Purchase your Car Pass by following the link at the top of the page, choosing your first stop in the drop down menu.
  • If you have any questions the day of the tour, your best contact person will be Lindsey Felty (lfelty@asdevelop.org), VA Farm Tour Event Organizer of Appalachian Sustainable Development. 
*Our Farm Tour partners are important to us and many of the stops on the Farm Tour are private residences. Please note the scheduled times for each location and stick to those times. Our hope is to be able to visit them again on future tours. Help us continue to foster positive relationships with our farmers by respecting time schedules and private property. 

Washington County Cluster

Dreamland Alpacas – open 2pm -6pm for visitors
13050 Bell Lane
Meadowview, VA 24361

Contact: David McLeish

Email: dreamlandalpacas@aol.com

Phone: 276-494-6798

Tour Day Activities: Feed and pet alpacas, petting area for sheep/goats/chickens, farm store specials for tour guests, and a weaving demonstration / lesson (learn how to use a peg loom and make a small trivet / coaster- cost is $5.00 to cover the materials if you would like to make your own)

Farm Description: We are a family run Alpaca farm that raises and sells alpacas as well as products made from their fiber like socks, hats, gloves and scarves.

Kelly Ridge Farms – open 2pm-6pm for visitors
30558 Old Saltworks Rd
Meadowview, VA 24361

Contact: Justen Dick 

Email: justen@kellyridgefarms.com

Phone: 865-223-4400

Tour Day Activities: Meet and greet at Cidery and tour of Cidery

Tour Day Activities: Meet and greet at Farm and tour of Cidery/Hop processing barn 

Farm Description: Kelly Ridge Farms is nestled within the scenic valleys and ridges of Southwest Virginia, just outside of Meadowview Virginia.   The Farm’s goal is to return a centuries-old growing tradition to the Eastern United States in a manner that maintains both profitability and integrity.  Kelly Ridge Farms focuses on raising local hops for regional microbrewers.  It also produces pasture-raised heritage breed pigs and sheep.  

In 2018, Justen and three other business partners joined to establish Tumbling Creek Cider Company, which has established apple and hard cider production operations at the farm.  Work began in 2018 to revitalize the existing apple orchard and to begin propagating heirloom apple trees for additional orchard expansion this year.  Our 2,000 sq. ft. cidery production facility was finished in May 2019 and is now a fully licensed Farm Winery.  Tumbling Creek Cider Company anticipates releasing local heritage-inspired craft hard ciders to the public in November 2019

Abingdon Vineyard & Winery – open from 2pm-6pm for visitors
20530 Alvarado Road, 
Abingdon, VA 24211

Contact: Elizabeth Gardner

Email: Info@abingdonvineyards.com

Phone: 276-623-1255

Tour Day Activities: Sorting of grapes

Farm Description: Abingdon Vineyards is a family owned farm winery, growing 13 acres of grapes and producing world-class wine. Come visit the vines and try a few wines! Nestled between a creek and the South Holston River, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic or to dip your toes.

Wolf Farm Natural Elements, LLC   **Open for tours from 9am – 3pm ONLY**
25245 Lee Highway
Abingdon, VA 24211 

Contact: Steve & Becky Wolf

Email: wfne2015@gmail.com

Phone: 276-739-2200

Tour Day Activities: Hot Mess Express BBQ food truck (11a-2p), treats for kids, each car pass will receive a bag of wild bird seed they mix themselves, and all visitors can sign up for a free drawing for a basket of Natural Body Care Products

Farm Description: All Natural and Organic Farm & Garden Supply Store. We carry Non GMO and organic feeds. We stock organic fertilizers, potting soils, compost, seeds, pesticides, herbicides & fungicides. We have irrigation supplies, plastic mulch, paper mulch, landscape fabric, row covers, shade cloths and bird netting. We also sell local produce, meat, milk, yogurt and honey. 


Tazewell County Cluster

Clinch River Farms – open from 2pm-5pm for visitors
630 Estates Dr
Pounding Mill, VA 24637

Contact: Richard C. Hudson

Email: richard.c.hudson@gmail.com

Phone: 276-971-4518

Tour Day Activities: ** Arrive at the top of the hour for the full tour experience. ** 

Tour of cabins, trails, new campground, 70 acre tour on 4 wheeler, handmade products for sale, 20% off cabin booking(if book on day of tour) and demo of solar energy 

Farm Description: Agritourism – Camps for Kids, Events, Church Groups, Baptisms, Off Grid Cabin, Weddings, Scouts, Parties and more. We run the farm on solar and rainwater. 70 acres on the Clinch River. Tours are conducted in a 6 seat UTV by the owner, Richard Hudson.

Ferrell Farm – open 2pm-6pm for visitors
310 Claypool Hill Mall Rd
Cedar Bluff, VA 24609

Contact: Christy Asbury

Email: Cdasbury719@gmail.com

Phone: 276-701-5702

Tour Day Activities:  Vendors, inflatables, playground, wagon rides, corn maze, pumpkins, goat/pig/sheep/rabbit/chicken petting/viewing, and slideshow of farm 

Farm Description: Agritoursim – 7 acre section of the Ferrell family’s “century farm” Hereford cow and Suffolk sheep production area has been open to the public and growing now for 11 years with facilities for events and family fun. Specifically in Sept and October when a 3 acre maze is offered with pumpkin picking, petting zoo, playground, wagon rides and bookable party spaces. A video display of farm operations past and present will be offered.

Russell County Cluster

Moyer Family Farm – open 2-6pm for visitors
3808 Reeds Valley Rd
Castlewood, VA 24224

Contact: Richard Moyer

Email: ramoyer@gmail.com

Phone: 276-254-0538

Tour Day Activities: Move cattle and inoculate mushroom logs 

Farm Description: Grass-only beef – What does it take to produce healthy meat just from quality pastures? Milk without grain or soy? Come walk with our Red Devon and Jersey cattle. Our vegetable plots are certified organic, where we produce low-input seeds and veggies. From the wilder parts of our farm, we forage flowers, greens, nuts, roots, fruits and maple sap for syrup. And harvest logs to grow mushrooms organically.  

Come find us year-round at the Abingdon Farmers Market, for many of the foods we grow and eat!

Goshen Homestead Creamery **Open for tours from 3pm-4pm ONLY**
3261 Hayters Gap Rd
Elk Garden VA 24260

Contact: Dwayne McIntyre

Email: life@goshenhomestead.com

Phone: 276-971-0072

Website: www.goshenhomestead.com

Tour Day Activities: ** Arrive at the top of the hour for the full tour experience. **

Tour of creamery, product sampling and 20% off farm purchases 

Farm Description: We are a small family farm serving Southwest VA. You can find us at the Abingdon and Tazewell Farmers Market. You can also find our products on shelves in local shops and on menus at farm to table restaurants throughout the region.

We sell Herdshares, free ranged eggs, pastured poultry, home roasted coffee, Kombucha kits, maple syrup (when the season is good), honey, and grass finished beef. All raised with organic practices under what we call a Biblically Principled Sustainability.

We also provide Creamline Milk, Chocolate Milk and delicious Yogurt through Goshen Homestead Creamery, our Grade A Micro Dairy operation.


Wise County Cluster

Mountain Rose Vineyards & Lawson Family Farms – open 2pm-6pm for visitors
10439 N Reservoir Rd.
Wise, VA 24293

Contact: Suzanne W. Lawson

Email: swlawson@comcast.net

Phone: 276- 328- 2013

Tour Day Activities:  ** Arrive at the top of the hour for the full tour experience **

Grape picking, vineyard tour, tour of the elderberry and peppermint field, and tastings of wine, jelly, maple syrup, apple butter and peppermint lemonade 

Farm Description: Mountain Rose Vineyards consists of two small farms in Wise and Russell Counties, consisting of about 26 acres in Wise and 10 acres in Russell County. We grow 4 varieties of wine grapes in Russell County and 8 varieties in Wise County.  We grow one plot of Concord grapes for a “Pick Your Own” operation in September of each year. We operate a tasting room for wines that we make from our own grapes where we also host many other events such as Sip N Paints, Murder Mystery dinners, weddings, tours, etc. We are making an award winning cider, Bear Creek Cider. We have some apple and pear trees bearing fruit and about 150 baby trees we hope to use for cider in the future. We also sell our wines wholesale to Food City and several restaurants. We have been selling our wines for over 14 years and have earned many gold, silver and bronze medals.

In addition to grapes, we harvest sap for locally grown and processed maple syrup. In past years, we have also grown sorghum cane for sorghum syrup, mums, and operated a CSA.  We also have an experimental field of elderberries, nettle and peppermint that we are growing for Lush Cosmetics, partnering with ASD (Appalachian Sustainable Development). We operate a small greenhouse and grow many of our own vines and some plants.  We love growing on our 150 year old farm and wish we could grow more!

Mullins Orchard & Produce – open from 2pm-6pm for visitors
7394 Strawberry Mountain Rd.
Wise, VA 24293

Email: mullinsorchard54@gmail.com

Phone: 276-393-6446

Farm Description: Mullins Orchard is a third generation orchard with a variety of heirloom apples. Currently our orchard has over 800 plus trees at different stages. Still living on the property is a Roman Beauty tree that was from the original orchard Roy’s grandfather Samuel Mullins planted. In addition to apples we also have peaches, plums, paw paws, and concord grapes. Our best apple in the orchard now is Ginger Gold which is an early apple but has become a bestseller. Other popular varieties are Old Fashion June apples, McIntosh, Honey Crisp, Golden, Seek-no-further, and Gala to name a few.

Scott County Cluster

Pollinator Produce Partners – open from 2pm-6pm for visitors
2196 Bishoptown Rd
Duffield, VA 24244

Contact: Becca Holmes and Joe Gorman

Email: pollinatorproducepartners@gmail.com

Phone: 276-299-3777 or 703-307-4011

Tour Day Activities: ** Arrive at the top of the hour or at the half hour for full tour experience. **

Products for sale, CSA shares for sale, woods walk and wild seed harvesting/collecting

Farm Description: We’re Becca and Joe, and our dual loves of food and nature brought us together and led us on this farming adventure. Today, we call 20 gorgeous acres in Scott County, VA, home, and we’re proud to grow Certified Naturally Grown  veggies and fruits. We love living in southwest Virginia, particularly because of the incredible biodiversity found in our region! We’ve designed our entire farm around preserving and building on this rich ecological heritage. 

We believe in the importance of seed sovereignty and genetic diversity, so we only use seed from open-pollinated varieties.  We breed endangered and extinct-in-the-wild plants to populate our 13 acres of woods, and grow unique or forgotten vegetables and fruits for you to enjoy! 

Our produce is all available in our CSA – a six month subscription to fresh, local food. You can also catch us at farmers markets in Kingsport, Big Stone Gap, and Norton. 


Appalachian Harvest Food Hub  – open from 9:30am – 2pm for visitors
280 Boone Trail Rd
Duffield, VA 24244

Contact: Gina Bishop

Email: gbishop@asdevelop.org

Phone: 276-431-3385

Tour Day Activities: ** Open for Facility Tours from 9:30am – 2pm. 

Farm Description: Appalachian Harvest is ASD’s food hub that opened its doors in 2000. When tobacco farmers were losing their allotments, the food hub helped them start growing fruits and vegetables, allowing them to earn income and stay on their family farms. Since then, local farmers have sold more than $18 million dollars of locally grown produce to retailers and food brokers from Maryland to Georgia. 

The Appalachian Harvest Food Hub provides farmers with training and technical support, access to large wholesale markets, aggregation and distribution support. Whether local farmers need GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification or help with obtaining organic certification; the food hub works with them every step of the way.