We as a family have really enjoyed the Build it Up program. Our family has gotten to work together to plant a beautiful garden and learn about organic crops, food preservation (canning, dehydrating, freeze dried and fermenting), and how much land it takes to feed a family of 12.

We have learned that gardening is fun, the food is great tasting, yet the time it takes is a lot more than what we thought it would be. After one week of sickness and rain it was amazing how many weeds there were. We did a first till on virgin ground then we added lots of mulch 4 truck loads, still the weeds came. 

We loved every moment of it and will definitely keep going with it. We plan on doing the same size next season and we are adding flax next year to see how we can make fibers. 

Thank you Build It Up for all you have done. We will be a growing gardening family for generations now.