Quilt Trail

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Let the Quilt Trail be your guide to the beautiful Appalachian mountains and valleys of northeast Tennessee.”

Our Quilt Trail in northeast Tennessee consists of 120 sites. The role of the ARC&D, a 501C3 non-profit, is to coordinate promotion and create opportunities for people to learn about the importance of Arts and Agricultural heritage to our lives today.

“Take a trip back in time, slow down, and discover historic sites, produce stands, pick-your-own, local museums, art galleries, cafes, and other local flavors.  It’s fun in every season.”

To start your journey: (1) see maps and stories at our website, quilttrail.org, and (2) download our mobile app on iTunes or on Android. The only quilt trail mobile app we know of!  Occasionally we organize a regional Open House or a custom tour along the Trail, so (3) stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter at quilttrail.org.

The tradition of quilting has been carried on for hundreds of years to provide warmth and artistic keepsakes. Until recently, these handcrafted pieces of history have only been valued by individuals within the families but an outgrowth of interest in cultural heritage has created an atmosphere of appreciation for the works of Art fashioned by our ancestors. It is complimented by the work of the hard working farmers of our region that can be seen in the barns and structures used to display the quilt murals.

Along with the physical work these handicrafters placed into their quilts and barns, they also contributed a story about themselves; who they were, what kind of life they had and what their personal interests were.  These are the stories we are proud to tell and create a visual storybook into the lives of the strong people of Appalachia.

There are grassroots Quilt Trails in 45 states and Canada, all inspired by the original Trail in Adams County, Ohio, and Donna Sue Groves’ barn.